The ‘Prerequisites’ for a TOEFL Speaking score of 26

You might be surprised to discover that your scores in  TOEFL iBT Reading, Listening and Writing play a bigger role in your Speaking score than you may have previously imagined. 

In the video below, I explain why higher Reading, Listening and Writing scores will dramatically increase your chances of getting Speaking 26 on TOEFL iBT. 

This is why I call them “prerequisites.”  

Study with Me Until You’re Done with TOEFL

If you feel frustrated, you’re not alone! The majority of my students have advanced degrees in healthcare that they are not able to use until they meet their licensing requirements. 

You can make progress and finish with TOEFL faster by following a customized plan and getting regular, detailed feedback on your Speaking tasks or Writing essays. 

Can I share more about that?

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