THE NEW TOEFL: PROMPT 2 for 2019-2020

This blog will deal with a new style on the TOEFL iBT for Prompt 2.
It is becoming more common, so while you still may get the old style, be prepared for this style as well. 
 Of course, you know that prompt two begins with a letter or an announcement that you will see for forty-five seconds.  Then, you listen to a conversation. On the old TOEFL, the man or the woman who did most of the talking would ALWAYS either totally agree or totally disagree with the letter/ announcement.
However, there has been a change. Now, the man or the woman may agree with ONE point in the letter, but not the other.  DO NOT PANIC!  In this blog post, I will explain to you how to use a template that will work with this new question style.  Below is an example.
                                                                         University to Offer Evening Classes
With an increase in enrollment this year, the computer science classes have become increasingly crowded. Due to the increased demand for space in the computer science classes, the university has decided to offer evening classes to accommodate everyone. The university has made this decision in order to ensure that each student has individual access to a computer. Evening classes will be taught by the same professor. These classes will come with an additional fee in order to cover the cost of keeping the buildings open late at night. 
Now, read a conversation between two students. During the TOEFL, you will not see this transcript. You will only hear it.

Man: Did you see this announcement?
Woman: Yes, I did.  I think it’s a great idea to open up an extra computer science class.
Man: Why?
Woman: Well, the university is right that we don’t always have our own computers because it’s so crowded. Just last week, I had to share a computer with a classmate. It was really difficult to get the work done, because we had to take turns.
Man: That doesn’t sound very efficient!
Woman: It wasn’t… so if some of the students who are taking classes during the day decide to enroll in the night class… well, maybe we will all have our own computers.
Man: What about the increased fee?
Woman: Actually, that doesn’t seem fair to me. It’s the same class, and the same professor… I can’t understand why it would cost more.
Man: I guess it’s to cover the cost of keeping the building open… you know, keeping the lights on and stuff…
Woman: But the university keeps them on anyways, because there are lots of other classes at night. There are art classes and cooking classes in the same building at night, so all the lights are already on.

Prompt: The woman expresses her opinion about the announcement. Briefly summarize the announcement. Then state her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.
As you can see, the woman agrees with the first point made in the letter, but not the second point.  Therefore, you have to change your template slightly.  Below is a sample response.  The template is in bold and underlined.
According to the announcement, the university is going to open evening classes for computer science, because the day classes are overcrowded and they want to ensure individual access to computers. They will charge an extra fee to cover the costs.  The woman partially agrees with this announcement and gives her reasons. First, she agrees that it is a good idea to open up a night class because the day classes are too crowded. She further states that she had to share a computer with a classmate, and it was hard to get work done because they took turns. However, she doesn’t agree with the extra fee. According to the woman, it isn’t fair because it’s the same class with the same professor. She also points out that the lights are on in that building in the evening already because they offer art and cooking classes.
That’s it!!! That is all you have to do.  The important thing is NOT TO BE SURPRISED if you get this type of prompt. Panic is your enemy in the TOEFL.   BE READY!   Good luck!