Steps for Beginners: How to Learn Arabic Online with Arab Academy

Salutes for deciding to study Arabic! Many private and public entities are looking for workers proficient in the Arabic language. Learning Arabic will also give you a deeper understanding of Arabic culture and religion. Arab Academy offers the best opportunity to learn Arabic online.

Though studying Arabic can be a tasking endeavor, the undertaking is rewarding. We recommend the following steps for beginners wishing to learn and perfect the Arabic language.

Choose a Suitable Arabic Version 

There are three versions of Arabic: classical, colloquial, and modern standard. Classical Arabic is also known as Islam Arabic. Islam Arabic was the basis for the creation of the Quran. Studying classical Arabic is good if you want to understand Islam and Quran better.

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is popular in today’s Arab world. Learning MSA will make you a fluent Arabic speaker, enabling you to easily interact with native Arabic-speaking individuals.

Colloquial Arabic is a single name for all modern Arabic dialects. Various Arabic dialects are different in various Arabic countries. Colloquial Arabic differs in terms of accents and idioms. Both Arabic versions are good options, but MSA is the best.

You will enjoy more benefits being an MSA speaker than being a colloquial or classical Arabic speaker. MSA is also easier to read, comprehend, and speak.

Arab Academy’s online courses include Islam, colloquial, and standard Arabic programs. Here is what our Arabic online courses include:

Islamic Arabic Courses

Our Quranic/Islam Arabic programs include stories of prophets and Tajweed/Quran recitation. The students learn the stories of six prophets, starting with Adam (the first prophet).

We use chronological order to teach our students the stories of all six prophets. The students also learn about the prophet Muhammad.

Arab Academy classes follow the Quranic rules when teaching the students Tajweed. Our Arabic online courses will help you understand Tajweed rules and Quran recitation better.

Colloquial Arabic Courses

Arab Academy’s colloquial Arabic programs include colloquial 101, colloquial 102, and colloquial 103. We teach colloquial 101 to students with little or no knowledge about Egyptian Arabic.

Colloquial 102 is meant for students familiar with the Arabic alphabet. Lastly, we teach colloquial 103 to students fluent in everyday Arabic language. Our colloquial 103 course has a range of topics like marriage habits, love, housing problems, wealth, etc.

All our online colloquial Arabic courses take 80 hours to complete. We sharpen our learners’ Arabic oral communication, cultural, and listening skills.

Modern Standard Arabic Courses

Some of our online MSA courses include Arabic 100, Arabic 101, Arabic 102, Arabic 103, Arabic 201, and Arabic 202. Arabic 100 is meant for students unfamiliar with Arabic, while 101 is for students only familiar with the Arabic alphabet.

We teach Arabic 102 to students familiar with the Arabic alphabet and other common Arabic communicative functions. Check out our page to learn more about our other online MSA courses.


Arab Academy always aims to leave our students with excellent Arabic speaking skills. Your perfection as a learner will much depend on how you practice. Practicing will help you understand Arabic vocabulary, synonyms, and sentence structures better.

You’ll be able to beat the challenges quickly. When first learning the Arabic languag, write everything down. We all forget what we see faster than what we write down. It’ll be easier to remember what you write down during an online Arabic class.

Another way to practice when learning Arabic online is by memorizing. Take time to put critical Arabic words and phrases into expressions. Memorizing what you learn will help you attain fluency quickly.

Online flashcards are also helpful in Arabic online courses. Flashcards will enable you to memorize the Arabic alphabet without struggle.

Learners interested in solidifying their lanuage skills should consider our immersion program. Arab Academy takes the learners to Cairo, Egypt, for an Arabic learning adventure. Our students will have opportunities to practice Egyptian Arabic and experience Arabic culture.

In Cairo, our students get daily Arabic language instructions. The instructions include Arabic vocabulary, reading, listening, comprehending, and speaking Arabic.

Engage Online Arabic Teachers 

Having a good online Arabic tutor makes it easier to practice your Arabic speaking skills. Do not shy off asking any questions when learning the Arabic language. The teacher should be available to help you navigate through. Our teachers are available through live-speaking classes to offer you prompt help when studying our Arabic online courses.

A good Arabic teacher should be a native Arabic speaker. The teacher should also be interactive, convenient, and affordable. At Arab Academy, we hire native Arab speakers to improve the quality of our Arabic online courses. Our teachers interact with the students through live chats, calls, and video conferencing.

Learn Arabic Online

The internet has made it easy for many people globally to learn Arab online. You can learn to speak Arab conveniently from the comfort of your home.

At Arab Academy, we offer a range of Arab online courses to kids, teens, and adults. The courses include Islam, modern standard, and colloquial Arab programs. Our Arabic online courses will help you learn to read, comprehend, and speak Arabic fluently. Sign up today to start your online Arabic learning with us.

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