Improving the employability of Thai university and college graduates through English certification

EnglishScore is supporting higher education institutions and vocational colleges in Thailand to build up the skills and qualifications of their students to help them gain employment after graduation. 

With a competitive job market, unemployment on a steady rise since 2013 and youth unemployment hitting new peaks since COVID-19, there’s an increasing need to improve the qualification profiles of graduating students, to make them more employable in the global workplace.

Many education institutions are looking for convenient digital solutions, like British Council EnglishScore, to assess and track the English level of their students, one that supports their goals of digital innovation and integrates easily into their current assessment processes.

Institutions are using EnglishScore to:

  • Securely and accurately test students’ English levels remotely via the EnglishScore mobile app
  • Instantly collect and measure test results from a personalised reporting dashboard
  • Save on time and administrative costs of in-person English assessments (like room hire, marking and proctoring exams)


Approved Partners in Thailand


Since launching in Thailand in late 2021, we’ve had an influx of prestigious universities and colleges across the country join our Approved Partner Programme. These universities are able to issue co-branded certificates endorsed and accredited by the British Council, which students can add to their CV, LinkedIn profile and future job applications. 

Some of the top-ranked universities in Thailand include the EnglishScore exam as part of their placement, progress and exit exam requirements.


EnglishScore partners with the Association of Private Colleges of Technology and Vocational Education of Thailand

In March 2022, EnglishScore signed an MoU with the Association of Private Colleges of Technology and Vocational Education of Thailand (PVET). This partnership is designed to support the adoption of British Council EnglishScore in all 450 vocational colleges within PVET.

PVET, established in 1984 to promote Thailand’s private vocational education, is a professional association of private vocational schools across the country. It has around 333,000 students studying courses at Vocational Certificate and Higher Vocational Certificate levels in commerce, industrial technician and fine arts.

Students, educators and employees get certified with EnglishScore

Tens of thousands of students, English learners and employees across Thailand use EnglishScore to test and certify their English for employment. 

English teachers are also using EnglishScore to improve and maintain their own proficiency skills and stay on top of the latest innovations and trends in assessment. Here’s how Peach used her EnglishScore result to prove her English level to employers at the school where she teaches.

Become an EnglishScore Approved Partner

British Council EnglishScore is selecting education institutions in Thailand to join its Approved Partner Programme.

As an Approved Partner, you can administer EnglishScore tests to your students or staff and issue certificates based on the results. All results are stored and accessible from a personalised reporting dashboard.

Find out more about our Approved Partner Programme and if you’re eligible to apply.