Heather Dorniden falls… and still wins…

I’m sharing my absolute most favorite video with you ever. She falls majorly flat on her face… and she still wins the race.
After 12 years doing what I do, I can say that a huge factor in success is simply the determination to stand back up again after failure, after a bad day, after making a mistake. It’s easy to look at people who got results and think, “Oh they did everything perfectly. I’m not perfect. How can I ever be perfect?”
But the thing that you don’t see is how many times successful people failed. You weren’t there for all the mistakes they made, or all the bad days they had. And trust me, successful people failed a lot… until they succeeded.
If there was one thing I could wave a magic wand and give to everyone who studies with me, it would be to eliminate the shame, guilt or embarrassment that anyone feels about making mistakes. Why? Because those feelings rob you of your motivation and confidence. And the fact is, if your mental strength and determination are strong enough, it doesn’t matter if you fall.
So with that, I leave you with the true video footage of the day that Heather Dorniden fell majorly on her face during a race… and she still won. It’s honestly one of the most incredible things ever.

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