Complete Guide to Grading Efficiently

Exam time can be stressful, especially if you have large classes or if you are dedicated to giving formative feedback to every student. While it may feel as though there are not enough hours in the day, we have learned some tips over the years. To help you grade faster while supporting student learning, we have compiled some of our most popular and informative content on grading efficiency and collaboration.

Pre-Assessment Preparation for Smoother Grading

Whether you are interested in assessment design or better managing students’ reactions to their grades, it helps to have a plan for success before you begin assessing.

Working with Teaching Assistants (TAs)

As with anyone new to a role, TAs can often require more attention than other members of your grading team. To ensure success of all your grading team members, think about:

  • Dedicating your energies towards a comprehensive TA training program.
  • Building a strong, well-defined working relationship with your TA.

Plus, watch these videos to understand how your colleagues handle TA and grading-team collaboration:

If you are currently using Crowdmark, we also invite you to learn from Alan Ableson, Assistant Professor in the department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Queen’s University, discuss his team grading procedure.

Workflows for Faster Assessment

Once you feel comfortable with your TAs, it’s time to put some thought into your grading workflow. Consider these thoughts on ways to streamline your team’s grading process.

  • Hands typing on a laptop

    Successful Online Learning

    We learned a lot about online learning and grading workflows that are useful online and in person. Discover how your grading workflow can improve with a few simple ideas.

  • Person writing on paper in front of laptop

    Establishing Best Practices for Grading

    University of Oxford researchers delved into best practices for grading policies. Add these quick tips to your toolbox for grading faster while giving richer feedback.

Using Technology to Grade more Efficiently

Thinking you may want to introduce more technology into your grading process? Take advantage of these resources for deciding how to approach grading technology:

  • Are you Suffering from Grading Nostalgia?
  • Can Technology Make Grading Easier?
  • New Term, New Technology: Helping Teams Adjust to New Technology

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